Housing, Health Care & InsuranceRikkyo University, Master of Social Development and Administration Course (MSDA)

Various housing options including Rikkyo dormitory and apartment are available in Ikebukuro and neighboring towns. University-appointed real estate agencies will be able to help you find apartments before arrival to Japan. Detailed information on housing will be provided to those students who have successfully been admitted to Rikkyo.
Health Care & Health Insurance
All students must join the mandatory Japanese National Health Insurance. By joining this insurance, 70% of general medical costs will be covered. The National Health Insurance covers dental care. Fee: approx. 12,000 JPY/Year

In addition, the students also join the Rikkyo Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance which covers the remaining 30% of the general medical costs. Holder of both the National Health Insurance and the mutual student insurance will be able to get general medical treatment at the Rikkyo Medical Clinic free of charge. The Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance does not cover dental care. Fee: approx. 3,500 JPY/Year

Rikkyo has an on-campus medical clinic. An on-campus annual medical examination is provided. The Counseling Center is also available for various counseling services.

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